Chimney Liners

We line the interior of your existing masonry chimney cavity from top to bottom. We use 10gage 304listed full seam welded stainless steel. We connect this lining at the base wall of the chimney to the existing breaching which is the pipe that runs from the boiler to the chimney so it can exhaust up the chimney and out the rooftop. Once connected, the chimney is gas tight.

We perform a DOB required smoke test and seal the wall back up. The chimney lining we install is a gas tight structure with because of the welding is a continuous run, some 60’ some 360’ depending upon the height of your building. We install a clean-out and a drain at the bottom so there is access for the future.

When our install is complete we install a custom fabricated chase around the top of the chimney to keep water from penetrating. The chimney pipe runs through a hole in this chase and has a storm collar attached around it to keep water from penetrating through this hole.

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