Video Scans

A video scan allows us to see the interior portion of the chimney cavity that we cannot view from a Level 1 inspection. If you cannot see it from the base or when looking down from the top, it does not mean there is no issue with the inside of your chimney. There could be gapping, spacing, missing brick or flue sections, cracks splitting through flues. All of these allow the fumes of exhaust to incorrectly escape through the side walls of your chimney and seep into the building instead of properly exhausting out the top. When we scan your chimney, we :

  • Transport all rigging and the camera to the building roof
  • We send a specific camera, capable of sustaining high temperatures, able to pan and tilt to see
    Multiple angles down the interior of the chimney chamber
  • Digital video is taken throughout the run of the vertical portion of the chimney
  • We provide you a copy of the video along with a written descriptive of what we have seen and
    a suggestion for any work that the results show us

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