Chimney Lining and Breeching Replacement
July 3, 2017
New External Stack- Emergency Installation
July 3, 2017

Chimney Lining

Chimney Lining
Leonard St Brooklyn NY 11222

This is a NYC School project. They needed the chimney gas tight for the boiler upgrade/conversion.

The chimney was brick lined and had cracks throughout.

We recommended relining the chimney using 10gage stainless steel.

We obtained the plans and permit for the chimney installation.

For the project we erected scaffold on the roof for access to the top of the chimney for the duration of the project. We installed 75’ of round ASTM listed butt seam welded 10gage stainless steel pipe.

We installed a base plate on which to land the chimney. At the base of the chimney we installed a gas tight clean out as required by the NYC DOB. We also installed a drain plug We connected this newly installed chimney lining to the existing breeching using a custom fabricated tee fitting and transition pipe.

At the top of the chimney we installed a custom fabricated chase cover with a cut out and 6” wrap to secure the chimney lining in place.

Once the lining was installed we performed a pressurized smoke test and issued the chimney affidavit for NYC DOB and Con-Edison.

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