Why chimney cleaning is so important
June 6, 2017
June 11, 2017

Chimney Lining

Chimney Lining
4 East 28th St New York NY 10016

This client requested EMG installing stainless steel lining for the boiler chimney. There is an existing extension at the top of the masonry chimney.

So we removed and supported the extension and installed 175’ of 26” diameter 10gage full seam welded 304ASTM stainless steel chimney lining.

We installed a steel base plate and a gas tight cleanout as required by the DOB.

We made the connection from the existing breeching into the newly installed chimney lining using a stainless steel tee.

We erected scaffold to access the top of the masonry chimney for the duration of the project.

At the top of the chimney we installed a custom fabricated chase with cutout and 6” wrap to secure lining in place. Diameter 304 ASTM listed butt seam welded 10gage stainless steel pipe diameter 304 ASTM listed butt seam welded 10gage stainless steel pipe.

Once the lining was installed we performed a pressurized smoke test and were able to issue the chimney affidavit for NYC DOB and Con-Edison.

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