Chimney Lining and Offset Extension

New External Stack
June 11, 2017
Chimney Lining
July 3, 2017

Chimney Lining and Offset Extension

Chimney Lining and Offset Extension
Second Ave New York NY 10017

This client provided us with plans for lining the boiler chimney. Their chimney needed to be gas tight for an upcoming upgrade/conversion We were awarded the project and obtained plans and permits.

We installed 240’ of 22” diameter 304 ASTM listed butt seam welded 10gage stainless steel pipe. We installed a steel base plate at the bottom of the chimney and poured a concrete pad. We supplied and installed a gas tight clean out as required by NYC DOB.

We connected the newly installed chimney lining to the existing breeching using a stainless steel tee fitting.

We installed a custom chase cover and an offset extension with pipe being mounted with framed supports in 3 areas.

Once the lining was installed we performed a pressurized smoke test and were able to issue the chimney affidavit for NYC DOB and Con-Edison.

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