Smoke Testing and Chimney Lining

8th Ave NYC 10018
June 11, 2017
New External Stack
June 11, 2017

Smoke Testing and Chimney Lining

Smoke Testing and Chimney Lining
563 West 191st St New York NY 10040

This client requested a pressurized smoke test for the boiler chimney as they were upgrading/converting their heating system and needed a chimney affidavit. We performed the smoke test which failed. We recommended relining the chimney and provided a proposal which the client approved.

We obtained the proper plans and permit for this installation.

The existing external chimney stack needed to be replaced. We obtained a scaffold permit and erected 80’ of scaffold for access to work area for the duration.

We dismantled the old stack and carted it off the premises.

We installed 80’ of 22” ” diameter new 10gage full seam welded 304listed stainless steel pipe.

We secured the stack with wall mount assembly brackets into the external wall of the building.

The connection was made at the wall penetration to the existing breeching.

Once the lining was installed we performed a pressurized smoke test and were able to issue the chimney affidavit for NYC DOB and Con-Edison.

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